About the WorldSkills Australia Database

The WorldSkills Australia (WSA) Database is the centralised system that powers all of the contact and event management for the WSA organisation. Anyone currently involved with WSA in any role (e.g. competitor, judge, expert, convenor, staff, etc) can use the system to:

  • Keep their information current
  • Find out what current roles they have
  • Find information about people and events that are relevant to them
  • Register as a new competitor for regional-level competitions
  • Easily contact WSA staff to sort out any problems.

All of this functionality is provided under a strict, customised security system that only gives people access to what they should be allowed access to based on their current roles - e.g. ex-competitors should not necessarily have access to current information.

If you have any problems using the WSA Database system, please contact us.

About the WorldSkills Australia organisation

WorldSkills Australia (WSA) aims to develop and nurture the skills of young Australians. Our purpose is to promote and build a skills culture by inspiring young people, celebrating skills excellence and providing them with an opportunity to showcase their trade and skill talent. We achieve this goal through competitions held on a regional, national and international level.

WSA aims to encourage Australians to celebrate vocational education and training, to shift perceptions and create the understanding that to learn a skill, to choose a skill-based career, is one of the most important decisions a young person and their family will ever make.

Our competitions operate on a two year cycle. Regional Competitions flow into National Competitions and National Competition winners, if eligible, can become members of the Team Australia Skillaroos.

WSA’s program of competitions, aligned to National Training Packages, work to ensure that today’s young people have the skills and abilities to compete within a rapidly changing global marketplace.

Visit the main WorldSkills Australia website for more information.